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LEXUS – Lexus UX Driving Movie

Animation Series

BROADCAST MY ASS is a satirical animated series about three generation Z friends who dream of great online success in order to escape the dreary village life. On their journey we experience all the beautiful and horrific facets
of the YouTube / social media cosmos – from online populism to large-scale drama for more clicks.

TubeClash is an interactive animated series about two teams of famous Youtubers battling on an island.
Through all 3 seasons the audience has the ability to decide wich character will make it to the next episode and therefore interactively participating on thee story line of the series.

In 2015 TubeClash was nominated and won the webvideo award in the category „Best Video Of The Year“.




Children Of Blood And Bone – animated book trailer

One Exit – animated book trailer

Camp Honor – animated book trailer

Album and Song productions

Steasy – Exit (uncut)
music production, mix and master

TubeClash – The Album
music production, mix and master

Steasy – Statussymbol
music production