We offer the following services:

Music Production / Composing, Editing and Arranging, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering

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Music Production

We produce the music you need. It doesn't matter what mood or style you're looking for, we create everything you can imagine...and beyond. In cooperation with many talented musicians we are able to build any kind of trending electronic music or warm acoustic sounds from Jazz over Pop and Rock to Classic.

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You have some raw audio material for your new imagefilm, podcast or audio book? You discovered some old recordings which sound poor and even are broken? Or you just have recorded the one exceptional idea for your new hit? We restore your audio files, cut out every disturbing noises, make your audio fit your video and arrange your song ideas.

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Sound Design

You just finished the video shooting and your material looks great...but what about the sound effects? The environment sounds strange and even steps or doors sound poor? Not to mention the explosions or animated objects which have no original sound. We have many great ideas and solutions for this kind of problem. Our different kinds of synthesizers combined with real high quality recordings guarantee first-class results.

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Mixing & Mastering

This step will give your mix a balanced sound and ensures that every element gets its space in your song. With help of EQs, compressors and other effects, we create a broad and brilliant mix which will sound perfect on every sound system.